Who we are

Just ‘Cause is a project which seeks not just to bring opportunities to kids from underprivileged communities in Colombia but to provide them with sources of motivation to look for those opportunities. We want these kids to know that they can choose to be whatever they want and that there will always be something better for them.

We offer a cultural/language exchange through a volunteer program, connecting people from around the world with children in Colombia.

The project was initially held in different locations around Bogotá. We met in community centers (salon comunal) in neighborhoods where the access to bilingual education is limited or not existent. Today, due to the pandemic and for logistic reasons, the classes are online. We make the best out of the circumstances and really enjoy the online classes! With online classes we can reach even more kids and hopefully have more volunteers.

We meet online, every Saturday at 10 AM (GMT-5)*, during one hour. We play games with the kids, help them with their English through virtual activities and hang out.


Our Volunteers


At the start of Just Cause we were visiting schools or public spaces physically and helping teach children English, it was really fun, a lot of positive energy and the kids were always enthusiastic and funny. Now a few years later, I live in Bogotá and due to the pandemic everything is online. The kids are still a lot of fun and it’s fantastic to see them laugh, smile, learn and be exposed to other cultures! I come from a family of teachers but I’m not an English teacher (a common profession for foreigners in Colombia), the only opportunity I get to promote learning is with Just Cause which is one of the reasons I love doing it 🙂


I grew up in New York City and live there currently but I have also spent time traveling and teaching English in Latin America in countries such as Panama, Peru and Colombia. It was in Bogotá that I learned about Just ‘Cause and fell in love with helping out in the classes so I was super excited to be able to get involved again with the new virtual program. I love working with kids but when I’m not doing that my favorite things are playing basketball and listening to music! Me gusta mucho el conejo malo!



I really enjoy volunteering with the program. I’m from the US, living in Europe, but I’m able to work with local kids in Colombia. It’s a true cultural exchange and an excellent way to volunteer. I like that it is a flexible program and that Ginna is a really welcoming host and coordinator.


I speak a lot but I’m also a good listener. I’m not a great chef, however, you’ll love the brownies I make. One of my favourites days of the week is Saturday. I love the energy and honesty of the kids and I believe that with little actions , we can help them be better prepared for the future. 

I’m Colombian and I’m currently living in Europe. I’ve been working for a few years with Just ‘Cause and I am happy to be able to contribute give something positive to the kids in Colombia, even from far away.